2024-06-15 1:05 PM

F.C. Council Again Vexed by On-Street Parking Quagmire

Few Remedies For Crazy Quilt Of Restrictions Once again, the Falls Church City Council began sinking in a quicksand of competing residential homeowner interests Monday night, and had to call off a vote on its latest stab at a comprehensive on-street parking restriction policy.

Editorial: F.C.

There are two factors that are integral in the increasingly ridiculous tangle that constitutes the on-street parking policy in the City of Falls Church. In recent years, the City has succumbed to a mish-mash of parking restrictions ranging from two to four hour limits, to permit parking only and, now, to some general F.C. resident […]

An Early Halloween for Little F.C. Revelers

HALLOWEEN CAME EARLY for hundreds of little `uns in the City of Falls Church last Saturday night. The Community Center was the location for the City’s annual costume and spookiness festivities. But that didn’t keep the legions from hitting the streets of Falls Church last night, the real Halloween, although it was the first time […]

F.C. Council: Hands Off Brown

While giving preliminary approval to modifications in the City of Falls Church’s Comprehensive Plan to allow for the new City Center Redevelopment, the City Council let planners know they were not pleased with a plan to plop a “multi-modal transportation center” onto the current location of Brown’s Hardware.