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A RECEPTION TO HONOR retiring City of Falls Church Police Chief Robert T. Murray was held at the F.C. Community Center yesterday, and among the many local law enforcement and City Hall well-wishers on hand to commend his 12 and a half years as F.C.’s chief were members of his […]

Local Commentary

Editorial: Impervious Minds?

City of Falls Church officials are picking the wrong time to, proverbially speaking, shoot their residential property owner constituency in its collective foot. A patently absurd and unnecessary encroachment on personal property rights and values is nearing approval by the City Council. It would restrict the amount of the land […]

Local Commentary

Our Man In Arlington

Last Saturday, I ventured out of Arlington to Annandale for a large Democratic rally for Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. The three Northern Virginia Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives were there too – Jim Moran (8th) Andy Hurst (11th) and Judy Federer (10th). Rounding […]