2024-06-23 12:21 AM

Editorial: Sustainability & Civil Rights

Last week’s municipal election in the City of Falls Church will be remembered in years to come as a major inflection point defining the character and viability of the independent jurisdiction going forward into the 21st century.

F.C. Re-Elects Mayor, Rejects Anti-Development Referendum

Baroukh, Webb Win Council Seats, Hockenberry Falls City of Falls Church voters returned Mayor Robin Gardner to a third term on the City Council Tuesday, providing her the highest vote total among seven candidates, and soundly defeated a ballot referendum aimed at deterring the pro-development direction of her leadership.

Editorial: Election a

Tuesday’s election in the City of Falls Church was yet another watershed moment in the City’s on-going struggle to achieve a solid basis for its long-term viability while at the same time maintaining its unique identity as a special 2.2 square mile enclave inside the Beltway.

Foster Named New F.C. City Attorney

With Falls Church City Attorney Roy Thorpe leaving after 12 years of service, the Falls Church City Council voted to retain Assistant Fairfax County Attorney John Everett Foster to fill the slot as of June 2.

Editorial: Vote ‘No’ on the Referendum

Next Tuesday’s municipal election in the City of Falls Church will matter a lot to every man, woman and child living in the city. If you, dear reader, are taking the trouble to look at this editorial, we urge you to put a little extra effort, as well, into getting to the polls at some […]

Face-Off Sharpens Contrast Between CBC Slate, Others In the first of two faceoffs before the May 6 City of Falls Church municipal election, six candidates vying to fill three seats on the City Council debated the best pathways to a sustainable future last night.

F.C. EDA Hosts Educational Forum on Charter Referendum

The City of Falls Church’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) will host a forum on “Economic Development Questions Surrounding the Charter Referendum” next Wednesday, April 23, at the F.C. Community Center at 7 p.m.

Editorial: Referendum ‘A Very Bad Idea’

Opponents to the ill-conceived referendum on the May 4 ballot in the City of Falls Church received strong support from a nationally-prominent expert in municipal policy this week.