2024-05-23 6:21 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Re-Picking Splinters

From time to time in this space I chide certain teams, players and even members of the media. Sometimes the issues change or new developments come to light, so to be fair, I thought I'd take a look back at some of my columns from earlier in the year and see if my opinion needs […]

Picking Splinters: League Must Curb Outbreak of NFeLons

Drug possession. Purchasing alcohol for minors. Driving under the influence. Possession of firearms without a license. Those are just a few of the crimes that have besmirched the image of the National Football League since the start of 2006. Unless the National Football League is planning on collaborating with The Smoking Gun on a series […]

Picking Splinters: Of Billy and Bob: Fitness and Football

Resolutions are a funny thing for me. Usually, New Year’s has done nothing to inspire me. The fact is, it’s cold and any fitness-related activity is usually drowned out by a more pressing desire to sit on my couch and watch college basketball or hockey.