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What a Dying Lake Says About the Future

A few days ago The New York Times published a report on the drying up of the Great Salt Lake, a story I’m ashamed to admit had flown under my personal radar. We’re not talking about a hypothetical event in the distant future: The lake has already lost two-thirds of its surface area, and ecological disasters — salinity rising to the point where wildlife dies off, occasional poisonous dust storms sweeping through a metropolitan area of 2.5 million people — seem imminent.

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Guest Commentary: Colombia, A World Power For Life

On June 19, Colombia elected Gustavo Petro as its new president and Francia Marquez as its vice president in an unprecedented victory: for the first time, after more than 200 years of right-wing governments, Colombia has the opportunity to be governed by a progressive movement with a historical vote of 11.3 million voters and a voter turnout of of 58.09 percent.

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Character is Trumping Trump as January 6 Hearings Continue

Following the fourth action-and truth-packed House January 6 Committee hearing Tuesday, as the depraved perfidy and moral toilet of former President Trump has now come out so plainly and systematically for all to see, the wisest summary insight about it all to date (No. 5 is today) has come from veteran journalist and MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle. On two points.


Falls Church 2nd in the Country for Healthiest Jurisdiction

It wasn’t two months ago that the News-Press reported on its front page that the City of Falls Church had been rated No. 1 in all of Virginia for being “the healthiest locality in Virginia” and for “underlying factors that influence health,” according to a survey by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute circulated by the Virginia Department of Health.


Beyer Wins By 82% In F.C.

U.S. Rep. Donald S. Beyer Jr. handled a Democratic Party primary challenge in this Tuesday’s election, appreciative that he carried the City of Falls Church by the widest margin in his entire 8th Congressional District. With 82 percent of the vote against his sole opponent, his margin in F.C. was the widest in his district that he won, overall, with 74 percent of the vote.

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School News & Notes: June 16 – 22

Roughly a week ago, students at Meridian High School wrapped up a STEM collaboration with students in Tsevie, Togo, Africa. This is the first year that MHS has learned alongside students in Africa on parallel projects. The theme was the global water crisis. Students met once a month (during the period between Nov. — June) and completed four challenges. The students found creative ways to overcome technology and language barriers in order to create a water filtration system. Next year’s theme will revolve around energy.