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Our Man in Arlington

The county board room was packed, noisy and vibrant with colored protest signs on Saturday, June 11, during the routine early morning public speakers time slot. Opponents of the pending Missing Middle Housing initiative, under a strategy from Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Future and the Arlington Tree Action Group, had chosen this day to make “our voices count,” as one placard read. Several dozen showed up even though the ongoing study of whether to loosen the zoning code to permit more-reasonably priced multi-family houses was not on the immediate agenda.

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What a Dying Lake Says About the Future

A few days ago The New York Times published a report on the drying up of the Great Salt Lake, a story I’m ashamed to admit had flown under my personal radar. We’re not talking about a hypothetical event in the distant future: The lake has already lost two-thirds of its surface area, and ecological disasters — salinity rising to the point where wildlife dies off, occasional poisonous dust storms sweeping through a metropolitan area of 2.5 million people — seem imminent.

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Guest Commentary: Colombia, A World Power For Life

On June 19, Colombia elected Gustavo Petro as its new president and Francia Marquez as its vice president in an unprecedented victory: for the first time, after more than 200 years of right-wing governments, Colombia has the opportunity to be governed by a progressive movement with a historical vote of 11.3 million voters and a voter turnout of of 58.09 percent.

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Character is Trumping Trump as January 6 Hearings Continue

Following the fourth action-and truth-packed House January 6 Committee hearing Tuesday, as the depraved perfidy and moral toilet of former President Trump has now come out so plainly and systematically for all to see, the wisest summary insight about it all to date (No. 5 is today) has come from veteran journalist and MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle. On two points.

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Delegate Marcus Simon’s Richmond Report

I typically focus my June column on the bills that passed during the most recent General Assembly Session, since the laws we pass during our regular session are effective on July 1st and July 1st is the first day of the fiscal year, the date on which the new budget becomes effective. This year we are running a little bit behind. We finished the regular session in March without a budget, forcing the new Governor to call us back for a Special Session on April 4th.

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Penny for Your Thoughts

Another tragic vehicle/pedestrian crash, this time near Oakton High School in the Providence District, killed two teen-aged girls walking home from school, and sent another to the hospital with serious injuries. The teen driver and a passenger from the striking car also were injured; two other passengers in that car ran from the scene, but later were identified by police.

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Jan. 6 Committee is Documenting the Extreme Crimes of Trump

Back in 1973, too few of us fully appreciated the momentous times we were living in, how massive the Watergate scandal was and the magnitude of its consequences. The idea of a U.S. president having to resign was simply unheard of, and even I, being more than your average U.S. history buff, was, relatively speaking, incapable of fully grasping the scale of the whole thing.