Author: Kylee Toland

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Who is: ‘Chap’ Petersen? F.C.’s New Senator

In the often confusing wake of the redistricting of state and federal election boundaries every decade, many folks lose track of who their representatives are. The situation is like that for the City of Falls Church and environs, where the state senator now representing the City is a new person, relatively unknown to City residents. That would be incumbent State Sen. Chap Petersen.

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Creative Cauldron Hosts Variety of Cabarets and Concerts

This summer, Creative Cauldron — a non-profit professional theater in Falls Church — is offering both concerts and cabarets to the public. According to their website, Creative Cauldron “features a cabaret or concert by some of the most spectacular talent the D.C. area has to offer” every summer weekend. For those who can’t join in person, live-stream tickets are offered so one can view it online.

Around F.C. News

Paws for a Purpose: Animals Helping Humans

It’s safe to say that humans have done a lot to make sure their furry friends get the care they need. Whether it’s making sure they are in a healthy home or taking a trip to the vet, owners are almost always willing to put their pets’ needs in front of their own. However, this role can be taken on by the animals themselves when it comes to making sure their human is receiving care as well.


Readying Webb Telescope’s ‘Big Look’

Next Wednesday, July 12, although not generally recognized for such right now, may go down as one of the most impactful days in the history of the human species on this planet. It’s the day when the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, by far the most powerful ever constructed and which promises to relay images from deepest space, and furthest back in time near to when the Big Bang happened, way beyond what anyone has seen before, will be unveiled for the world to behold. Who knows what we’ll see?


D.C. Offers Fireworks, Food and Fun for Fourth of July Weekend

With the holiday known for fireworks, grill outs and overall independence just around the corner, the wider D.C. metropolitan area is preparing for a busy Fourth of July, an especially honored holiday here because of its role as the nation’s capital. Fortunately, it won’t be hard for locals and tourists to find something to do while celebrating the holiday, as the DMV area offers a variety of activities and places for people to enjoy.