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Paws for a Purpose: Animals Helping Humans

It’s safe to say that humans have done a lot to make sure their furry friends get the care they need. Whether it’s making sure they are in a healthy home or taking a trip to the vet, owners are almost always willing to put their pets’ needs in front of their own. However, this role can be taken on by the animals themselves when it comes to making sure their human is receiving care as well.


Editorial: The Miracle of the Webb Telescope

This has been a stunning week for historically novel and profound new developments in our collective national and species history. Topping the list is the flawless execution of the newly-activated James Webb Space Telescope that has begun sharing with the entire human race images from deep space orders of magnitude more revealing than anything anyone on this planet has ever before seen.

Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary: Retired Falls Church Veterinarian Reflects on the Benefits of Having a Pet

The first animals were domesticated about 12,000 years ago. Animals were used for food, hunting and protection. The person who first used a horse to hunt had a huge advantage over everyone else.
Eventually things changed and animals became more than beasts of burden. They became domesticated and filled a far different role. These animals, especially horses, dogs and cats, became much more than tools or food, they became an integral part of the families they lived with.