Author: Amanda Snead


Local Churches Welcome LGBTQ+ Individuals

Given its small size of 2.1 square miles, it’s no wonder that the Little City of Falls Church has fostered such a close knit community. While the “issue” of being “queer” (a generic reference to homosexual that is meant in a non-derogatory sense) has persisted in various churches for decades, local churches in the City have made it a mission to be more inclusive and open to people, regardless of who they are.


Issues Persist at Affordable Apartment Complex

Members of Kettler, the management company of the Fields Apartments, home to a large number of residents benefiting from a deal to ensure affordable rental rates there in the last decade, were set to come before the City Council in November to address ongoing issues of mold, mice and other problems faced by tenants. However, they never made an appearance.