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F.C. Council Delays Final Vote on T-Zone Changes to Sept. 26

Falls Church City Council meets on September 11 to discuss, among other things, changes to the T-Zones. (Photo: City of Falls Church Video Archive)

Tuesday, Sept. 12– The Falls Church City Council delayed its final decision on staff-recommended modifications to the City’s transitional zoning ordinance to Sept. 26, announced at the outset of its meeting last night that became yet another marathon session on the subject. The legal notification requirements for the vote were not met last week, triggering the latest postponement. The proposed changes would allow more options for development in the City’s narrow transitional zones.

More acrimony among Council members surfaced at the meeting, as Councilman David Snyder levied extensive remarks calling the proposed changes “unnecessary” and portending “the most disappointing outcome in my 24 years on the Council.” Council members Marybeth Connelly and Caroline Lian took strong issue, with Connelly insisting the Council’s deliberations over almost two years of considering the issue have been “very thoughtful” as compared to those “who have not been telling the truth.” Lian said it was “disheartening to hear” some accusing his colleagues of “not listening” or taking the issue seriously. “I have great respect for my colleagues,” she said. “They are incredible individuals.”