Letter to Editor: Bemoaning Fairfax County Property Taxes


Every year it is either one thing or another but the bottom line is every year our property taxes go up. This year the Board of Supervisors gave us a tax cut but my assessment went up $100,000 and I am paying about $500 more with the tax cut. My assessment went up 16.5 percent and a neighbor several doors down was a five percent increase. There is no uniformity with their system. Now that November elections are on the horizon, it is time to oust the current Supervisors who rubber stamp the tax increases every year. I am a senior citizen, well over 65 and live on a fixed income. Fairfax County only cares about senior citizens if they are on a poverty level. My daughter lives in Colorado and senior citizens get a 50 percent reduction in their property taxes. Fairfax County gouges their senior citizens.

William J Dunn