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Tim Stevens To Run For F.C. City Council

F.C. Council candidates Justine Underhill and Tim Steven’s at tonight’s City Council meeting. (Photo: Nicholas F. Benton)

Tim Stevens, a member of the Falls Church Planning Commission for four years, told the News-Press tonight that he will be a candidate for the FC City Council this November.

Stevens joins Vice Mayor Letty Hardi, who announced plans to seek a third term, Justine Underhill of the civic action group Falls Church Forward, and Erin Flynn of the FC Village Preservation and Improvement Society as candidates who intend to file before the June 20 filing deadline.

Three of the seven seats on the Council will be contested and two are expected to be open, with Mayor David Tarter announcing that he will not run again and Councilman Phil Duncan engaged in a lengthy recuperation from lung transplant surgery. Only Hardi is running as an incumbent.