The Reach: March 23-29, 2023

Simon Officially Files Paperwork

Delegate Marcus Simon (D-Falls Church) officially filed his paperwork, and will be on the ballot in June for the Democratic Primary for the new House District 13.
The new district lines have forced Simon into the same district as Kaye Kory (D-Annandale), who has yet to publicly announce whether a primary battle is in our future. The two have immense respect for one another, and either way we lose a great public servant.

Is Trump Getting Arrested?

Like many fairly liberal folks, the fact that this hasn’t already happened is pretty remarkable to this writer, but apparently this week is the week. Or maybe next week. Or maybe never.
Either way, the former President is already calling for more civil unrest if he is, so he obviously hasn’t learned any lessons in the 14 months since the insurrection.

Yielding My Time… Read Above

Covering this week’s pop up at the Eden Center was the most interesting assignment this writer has had so far, and therefore ceded the majority of this week’s political column space to ensure the story could be told in as much detail as possible.
Northern Virginia and race have a storied history, despite our current liberal accolades, and learning the genesis of Eden Center will make you a better citizen.

FCCDC Meeting Gets Heated

In this month’s Falls Church Democrats meeting, Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) was grilled on his past voting record by residents who will see him on the ballot for the first time this June.
We strongly encourage readers to visit candidate websites, and in particular look for affirmative statements regarding the rights of LGBTQ+ folks, and ensure they are vocally competent on the issues. It’s important what a candidate is willing (or unwilling) to state, publicly, especially about communities currently the target of GOP attacks.